Sunday STAR, 12 OCTOBER 2008: NATION page N20.

Dr M still speaking his mind!

“I will criticise as a citizen, I have a right to expect my country to be well governed. I must see that this country is well governed. If I don’t, then I will be abdicating my duty as a citizen. I may be wrong in my criticism. I leave that for others to evaluate. I always tell people you must be proud of your country and you can only be proud of your country if it is successful. So you have to work to make it successful.”

Yes! Yes! Yes! I love Dr Mahathir. If Dr Mahathir is still the PM, no chance for Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican to become DG of MOH and no opportunity to abuse his power! Pak Lah being a trustworthy person fell for all the bullshit about ‘Halal Vaccine” story! I pray to GOD that Datuk Sri Najib will not fall in believing ‘The Money Making” team storyline.

We as tax payers are DUTY-BOUND to give our views and opinions when we see something is WRONG! What is happening in MOH is a classic case! We will continue our endeavour untill Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican is terminated as Director General, Ministry of Health.
The Secretary-General of MOH, Dato’ Sri Dr. Hj Mohd Nasir Bin Mohd Ashraf can try to protect the DG and Dr Nor Shahidah as long as he likes. All will wonder why? Sooner or later, the TRUTH will come out in the open. Our advise to KSU, seek a transfer to another ministry as soon as possible before its too late. Justice will prevail!

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