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Ismail Merican making deals and kickbacks !!!

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Latest Info from a reliable source !!!

During ground-breaking ceremony for the National Institute of Natural Products, Vaccines and Biologicals (9BIO)

Signing of five memorandums of understanding (MoU) which form a part of the 9BIO strategic smart partnerships. 9BIO Director and Health Ministry Secretary-General Datuk Dr Nasir Mohd Ashraf signed the MoU with Fuad El-Hibri (representing Emergent Biosolutions Malaysia), Azhar Hussain (Pharmaniaga Logistics) and Datuk Lim Kang Hoo (Ukasa Bina), 9BIO Director and Director-General of Health Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican signed the MoU with Thyagarajan Venkatraman (Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals) and Steven Ryan (Bee Health Asia Sdn Bhd).

PM also witnessed the signing of a joint venture and shareholders agreement between Ekovest Berhad, a specialist contractor in the turnkey design-and-build concept represented by Datuk Lim Kang Hoo, and Faber Group Berhad, which was represented by Norizah Ahmad.

Dr Chua told reporters 9BIO was a national project estimated to cost RM350 million that was expected to come up with the first local vaccine in 2010.

(Adapted from Bernama September 04, 2006)


From a reliable source confirming Ekovest Berhad in control of 9Bio project. Secured turnkey design-and-build concept being manipulated with the help of Datuk Lim Kang Hoo and assisted from inside MOH by Tan Sri Ismai Merican to inflate the estimated project cost from RM350 million to RM1.9 billion. The government originally agreed and approved only RM350 million. Imagine the amount of potential kickbacks?

From another reliable source, Ekovest Bhd reluctantly got to start paying salaries for the 30 ex staffs of 9Bio that had taken voluntary resignations. Why ?

Why would a public listed company like Ekovest Bhd need to do that when the project still having problem and had not taken off ???

Questions for shareholders and BODs of Ekovest Bhd to ponder !!!


Questions answered!!! How public fund being manipulated ?

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Full story!!!

“Director-General of Health, Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said RM1.9 billion had been budgeted for the vaccine production at the National Institute of Natural Products, Vaccines and Biologicals, within two years.”

Adapted from “New Straits Times”, 13 June, 2007

Adakah Tan Sri Ismail Merican layak dilantik sebagai Ketua Pengarah?

Firstly, Ismail Merican was the 1st senior civil servant appointed as Director General, Ministry of Health after he had reached age of 55. However, due to his resourcefulness (luck of knowing politicians), got appointed as DG on 5th March 2005. Then, he got extended till 2010 (over extended). As DG, he is well known through media (good PR) but also known for being ruthless, manipulative, rude, intimidating and revengeful character. This had been verified by many retired senior staffs of MOH. He controls MOH as if his own personal Ismail Merican Corporation Sdn Bhd. Sadly, all senior staffs were scarred and fearful of him more than GOD. Godly figure! (Sun Tzu’s Art of War Strategist)

Bagaimanakah Dr Nor Shahidah dapat memegang jawatan dalam MOH dan CEO 9Bio?

Secondly, Ismail Merican had appointed Dr Nor Shahidah binti Khairullah on contract in Ministry of Health. Both of them had known each other for quite sometime and were also together in Liver Foundation as President and CEO respectively. Dr Nor Shahidah was little known in the industry. Within two years, Dr Nor Shahidah got elevated, positioned and campaigned by Ismail Merican to appear as the most intelligent and capable person to hold important position. (fake!)

In January 2007, Dr Nor Shahidah got appointed as CEO of 9Bio Sdn Bhd, Dato Nasir, KSU MOH as Chairman and Ismail Merican as one of the director. Apparently, a company incorporated under MOF Inc. but mooted by MOH to focus on vaccine production and development of state-of-the-art facilities. Granted with kick-off capital, Dr Nor Shahidah had a nice time traveling around the world with nothing to show except incurred huge expenses. Inexperienced and with expensive habits, got herself into trouble due to irregularities and false claims.

In March 2008, Dr Nor Shahidah had to face MOF Tribunal due to “Jabatan Audit Negara” Report findings and subsequently got terminated by BODs of 9Bio Sdn Bhd, sanctioned by MOF. Immediately, 30 staffs had taken voluntary resignations to follow their queen’s unfortunate and short-lived career in GLC. This had been verified by numerous sources within and outside (private sector, pubic listed companies, multinational corporations, local and foreign) that had met and had dealings with both of them (more detail stories later). Sadly, typical business people reluctantly had to accommodate demands in return for potential future business from 9Bio and MOH. Recently, Dr Nor Shahidah was reappointed again as consultant in MOH. (2nd round for more MONEY to be wasted)

Bagaimanakah seorang jurutera dapat menjadi Timbalan Ketua Pengarah MOH?

Thirdly, Ismail Merican had appointed (a non medical person) an engineer, Ir. Dr (PhD) M.S. Pillay as Deputy Director General. Immediately, DG had reorganized for the new appointed DDG to be in charged of Development with billions MOH budgets. Recently retired at 55 but had been appointed as Chairman of 9Bio Sdn Bhd (post demanded by MOH through PM, and again Ismail Merican’s pet development project with RM 1.9 billion budget as announced in the media). What can an engineer contribute to 9Bio? Why is 9Bio is so important to Ismail Merican?

Apakah sebenarnya tuduhan dan kesalahan Tan Sri Ismail Merican?

We concluded that Ismail Merican had abused his power as Director General to benefit Dr Nor Shahidah (his wife, married overseas). This had been verified when Dr Nor Shahidah’s proud mother and sister had admitted to close family friends. He had intentionally planted Dr Nor Shahidah and Ir Dr M.S. Pillay in important positions to facilitate and approve a half baked development project without serious follow through to justify return for that huge investment of public fund.

Apakah tindakan pihak berkuasa (Polis dan BPR) ?

Recently, a Police Report was lodged and ACA had started their investigation. Now, we got to wait and see the due process and procedures of our trusted enforcement agencies. Their role as investigator is to take statements from witnesses and collect evidence to be used in criminal prosecution. Normally, once the investigator considers enough evidence has been gathered to substantiate a criminal charge, this evidence is compiled in a brief. Briefs of evidence will be referred to the A.G. by investigators for final decision to be charged or not ???

Fact of the case! by Audit Department

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Laporan khas JABATAN AUDIT NEGARA memberi banyak komen berkaitan dengan KEGAGALAN Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif (KPE), Dr Nor Shahidah bt Khairullah mematuhi prosedur-prosedur tertentu.

Dr Nor Shahidah mempersoalkan mengapa pengauditan perlu dijalankan terhadap 9Bio.

(Dr Nor Shahidah memang bodoh dan tidak layak jadi KPE kerana tidak faham yang Ketua Audit Negara diberi KUASA untuk mengaudit sesiapa sahaja yang diamanahkan WANG AWAM.)

Y. Bhg. Dato’ Azizah Hj Arshad, Timbalan Ketua Audit Negara menghighlight ISU-ISU utama yang telah dibangkitkan dalam pemerhatian Audit.

ISU 1: 9Bio masih belum menyediakan rancangan perniagaannya walaupun telah berfungsi selepas 12 bulan.

(Sebab tidak layak dan tidak ada pengalaman! Walaupun bergaji besar RM45,000 ribu sebulan terpaksa membayar orang lain buat kerja? Logik tak Puan CEO bodoh ni membayar RM4.1 juta duit rakyat kepada Healthcara Consultants, Frost & Sullivan. Yang peliknya, Lembaga Pengarah (terpaksa IKUT kehendak Ismail Merican)meluluskan tanpa memahami kenapa membenarkan perempuan bodoh ni menandatangani perjanjian dengan syarikat Frost & Sullivan melebihi amaun asal RM 3.9 juta. Kebiasaannya, kos perbelanjaan melantik pakar perunding bagi tujuan kertas kerja rancangan perniagaan hanya dalam linkungan RM500,000 hingga RM800,000 sahaja. Tetapi Puan CEO yang bodoh ni telah membuat bayaran penuh tanpa menerima kertas kerja dari pakar perunding.)


Keperluan mendesak dan pertambahan skop perkhidmatan demi kepentingan syarikat, katanya.

(Maka, bolehlah buat sesuka hati macam duit bapak dia! Ini lah masalah nya apabila melantik Puan CEO yang tidak layak dan tidak mempunyai kelulusan dalam bidang perniagaan.)


Lembaga Pengarah TIADA PILIHAN lain melainkan meluluskan amaun RM 4.1 juta semasa mesyuarat pada 15 Mei 2007 KERANA kontrak perlantikan TELAH pun ditandatangani oleh Puan CEO. Bagaimanapun, Lembaga Pengarah pada mesyuarat yang sama telah menegaskan Puan CEO sepatutnya MERUJUK kepada Pengerusi dan MENDAPAT PERSETUJUAN Lembaga Pengarah SEBELUM meneruskan tindakan seumpama ini di masa hadapan.

(Jika, selapas diberi amaran dan masih juga tidak faham maka, haruslah diberhentikan perkhidmatan serta merta. Itu memang tindakan yang betul!!!)

KESALAHAN 1: Tidak mendapat kelulusan dan tidak ikut arahan Lembaga Pengarah.

KESALAHAN 2: Membayar lebih RM 200,000 ribu dari budget yang diluluskan.

(Sumber: Berdasarkan Lapuran Khas Jabatan Audit Negara)


  1. Kenapa seharusnya melantik pakar perunding untuk membuat kertas kerja?
  2. Kenapa Puan CEO tidak melakukan tanggungjawab dan tugas sebagai CEO?
  3. Kenapa membazirkan duit rakyat begitu banyak sekali?
  4. Adakah benar pihak pakar perunding melaksanakan tugas?
  5. Kenapa pihak Jabatan Audit Negara tidak menyoal pihak pakar perunding? Apa salahnya menghubungi pihak pakar perunding untuk mendapat maklumat dan penjelasan selanjutnya?
  6. Kenapa membiarkan kes yang membabitkan wang rakyat yang banyak begitu saja?
  7. Kenapa pihak BPR tidak bertindak menyiasat kes penyelewengan wang awam berdasarkan maklumat dari Lapuran Khas Jabatan Audit Negara?

Questions to be answered???

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Thank you to all !!!

Questions received from interested individuals
that had taken the time and efforts to send e-mails to

our Chief I.O in the last 24 hours.

Adakah Tan Sri Ismail Merican layak dilantik sebagai Ketua Pengarah?

Siapakah yang mengesyorkan nama beliau?

Siapakah Dr Nor Shahidah?

Adakah Dr Nor Shahidah seorang kakitangan kerajaan?

Bagaimanakah Dr Nor Shahidah dapat memegang jawatan penting dalam
Kementerian Kesihatan dan CEO 9Bio?

Syarikat 9Bio Sdn Bhd buat apa dan kepunyaan siapa?

Siapakah Datuk Dr M.S. Pillay?

Bagaimanakah seorang jurutera dapat menjadi Timbalan Ketua Pengarah
Kementerian Kesihatan?

Apakah sebenarnya tuduhan dan kesalahan Tan Sri Ismail Merican?

Apakah tindakan pihak berkuasa seperti Polis dan BPR setakat ini?

Briefs of Evidence is ready!

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Thank you to all!

We had received numerous e-mails in the last 24 hours from senior civil servants
of various departments ‘demanding, asking and requesting’ for clarifications
regarding offence or crime committed by the ‘Money Making Team’ namely,
DG MOH, Tan Sri Dr Hj Mohd Ismail Merican, Dato Dr Nor Shahidah and
Datuk Ir. Dr (PhD) M.S. Pillay.

Based on suggestions and ideas, we had completed our ‘Briefs of Evidence’
including documents ready to be dispatched to the relevant enforcement agencies
for their respective actions. We hope KSN, Tan Sri Sidek will take immediate action
to remove Tan Sri Ismail Merican as DG, MOH (similar to Datuk Wahid Mohd Don’s case)
as soon as possible to pave the way for investigation by our respective enforcement

Good news! We will also forward via e-mail to those that had kindly requested the info.


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The ‘Public Interest’ requires a PROSECUTION !

To PROSECUTE requires fulfilling two-stage test that must be satisfied:

  1. there must be sufficient evidence to prosecute the case; and
  2. it must be evident from the facts of the case, and all the surrounding circumstances, that the prosecution would be in the public interest.

“In making this decision, the prosecutor must evaluate how strong the case is likely to be when presented in court. This is an important distinction as the decision can only be made based on admissible evidence, not necessarily all the information gathered during the course of the investigation.

The evaluation must take into account such matters as the availability, competence and credibility of witnesses and their likely effect on the arbiter of fact, and the admissibility of any alleged confession or other evidence. The prosecutor should also have regard to any lines of defence open to the alleged offender and any other factors that could affect the likelihood or otherwise of a conviction.

The possibility that any evidence might be excluded by a court should be taken into account and, if that evidence is crucial to the case, this may substantially affect the decision whether or not to institute or proceed with a prosecution. It is the prosecutor’s role to look beneath the surface of the evidence in a matter, particularly in borderline cases.

Having been satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to justify the initiation or continuation of a prosecution, the prosecutor must then consider whether the public interest requires a prosecution to be pursued. In determining whether this is the case, the prosecutor will consider all of the provable facts and all of the surrounding circumstances.

The decision to prosecute must be made impartially, and must not be influenced by any inappropriate reference to race, religion, sex, national origin or political association. The decision to prosecute must not be influenced by any political advantage or disadvantage to the Government.”

(Adapted from ‘Steps in the Commonwealth Prosecution Process’)


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Has justice been seen to be done in this case?

The silent majority of decent civil servants in Ministry of Health know the TRUTH ! Companies dealing with MOH know the TRUTH ! The ‘Money Making Team’ know the TRUTH ! We know the TRUTH !

We had gathered enough evidence to date and come to the conclusion that ‘POWER CORRUPTS’. As tax payers, we must have a say as to how PUBLIC FUNDS are allocated and spent.

For all to JUDGE !