The ‘Law of Attractions’, like attracts like!

Based on the short article, we should give the full complement to the late YM Sultan Idris for his foresights to initiate and persuade the British in the need for the Malays in the administration of the country. Hence, the setting up of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar was timely as the foundation of our civil service training ground.

Perhaps, we NEED to form a better training institute than INTAN to produce the new breed of civil servants with DISCIPLINE, ACCOUNTABILITY and HIGH INTEGRITY. We must always on the look out for a character like Tan Sri Ismail Merican. Someone who is easily influenced by a woman, tempted by the dark side of power and bad example! As mentioned by the current Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia, Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan when he said “must get rid of bad apples, no place for them in civil service”.

Similarly, a character like Dr Nor Shahidah with scandalous history should not have been allowed to be taken in on contract. A simple screening process with background checking and security clearance would have spotted the bad records and outstanding court case. The need for proper integrity screening before hiring or appointing top public officials must be put in place as corrective measures. Dr Nor Shahidah was protected and given privileges never done before in any ministry thanks to KSU who failed to perform his duty as controlling officer. Procedures must be followed irrespective of ranks or positions especially General Orders and Treasury Rules. Surprisingly, the support from KSU and the cover-up blinded everyone. Furthermore, the former Deputy DG, Datuk Ir. Dr M.S. Pillay with all the bad qualities as a character and given power by DG to formulate the approval process to get the unwanted development project off the ground. The fact is ‘The ‘Law of Attractions, like attracts like’ applies to Tan Sri Ismail Merican and the rest of ‘The Money Making team.’

We the public and taxpayers can only hope that the Chief Secretary will do what is necessary to uphold the image and good name of the civil service by eliminating Tan Sri Ismail Merican and his cronies. Do the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time especially when PUBLIC is watching! Sometimes, we need to be creative at conflict resolution and extend our intuitive sense of timing. Perhaps, applying the ’art-of-persuasion’, Tan Sri Ismail Merican can gracefully retire! If not, let the due process of the law to continue WITHOUT interference and ‘JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL’. But, with him there as DG, ‘justice would not seen to be done.’ Yes, no CHOICE! Tan Sri Ismail Merican has to GO!


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