FACT! Dr Nor Shahidah leaves trail of scandals

Breaking News!

Anywhere she was employed there will be trail of money scandals. We had the opportunity to uncover an interesting past.

Outstanding Court case:
Ref. No: R2-12-648-05 at KL High Court of Appeal
Uni Malaya vs Nor Shahidah binti Khairullah.
The case was about….(sorry, it’s a court case)

Polis Report lodged.
Report No.: Damansara/010935/08.
Investigation Officer (I.O.): Nasrina Darus, Commercial Crime.
Report related to cases committed and found guilty by MOF Tribunal.

Fact of the matter, due to her childhood history and hardship, Dr Nor Shahidah transformed to become an opportunist. She will seek every opportunity to make MONEY. Based on that we now wonder what type of a person Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican? He is so fascinated with Dr Nor Shahidah and willing to do anything for her. Anybody with the right mind or even half a mind would realize that she is a LIABILITY. Truly, love is blind.

We also got to know that she drinks alcohol and sometimes got quite drunk and everything will come out her mouth. Yes! All the guys around her normally will be extra nice thinking that they can get her to bed.

We had promised ourselves not to go overboard describing the details of her private life but sufficient to establish her true character. If that is so, what about the other three (3) conspirators? Well, we do not have the privilege to privy information for now except former Deputy Director General and Chairman of 9Bio Datuk Dr Ir. M.S. Pillay. We had covered enough about him in our earlier posting.


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