Another KSU failed his DUTY as ‘Controlling Officer’

NEW CASE: Government to probe Eurocopter RM2.3billion deal

Our Chief I.O swings into action to investigate!

One of the senior officers below must know the TRUTH whether any irregularities or discrepancies in the tender process?

Left to right: KSU, Dato’ Abu Bakar bin Hj Abdullah, TKSU Pengurusan, Dato’ Hj Ismail bin Ibrahim and TKSU Pembangunan, Dato’ Mohamad Khalid Bin Hj Shariff.

Who was the officer that signed the letter of intent to Eurocopter? Yes, our Chief I.O. has done some homework to find the answer! Based on the names, positions and objectives of the various divisions in MOD, we have concluded that the likely person….Read on


One Response to “Another KSU failed his DUTY as ‘Controlling Officer’”

  1. Chief I.O. Says:


    We have decided NOT TO RELEASE all 19 comments submitted due to abusive language used. We have to abide by our policy set NOT TO ALLOW and advice participants accordingly. Thank you.

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