Who were the 4 CONSPIRATORS?

Left to right: Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican (DG), Datuk Ir Dr M.S. Pillay (Deputy DG), Dato’ Sri Dr. Hj Mohd Nasir Bin Mohd Ashraf (KSU), and Dato’ Dr Nor Shahidah Binti Khairullah (former CEO 9Bio)

Believe It or Not! Eligible for The Malaysia Book of Records.

After putting the puzzles together, the picture is clearer NOW!

Hard to believe a highly respected “KSU” conspires with The MONEY MAKING team in a private deal making and successfully blinded EVERYONE including the Prime Minister to siphon public fund.

‘Perplexing Case’ for common people to comprehend but SIMPLE!, because made possible with the SUPPORT from the most TRUSTED individual in the ministry. Indeed, a very rare species in the civil service! Disgrace to the profession and the government. Custodian of public fund got influenced by unscrupulous people greed for money. “Money is the root of all evil.”

Initially, the investigators were puzzled as to HOW the trio able to scheme and succeed and get away with a half baked undeniably most EXPENSIVE Development Project for a mere vaccine production facilities.

Now, let an independent Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) to proceed with a full blown probe into the case without interference. It is up to the highest level in civil service, KSN must at least seek for explanations from the accused four before making a FIRM decision to file a report to relevant agencies. Ask Pak Lah if YOU are not sure? You know and we know his ANSWER! PM had done his fair share of the work when he decided to review the project and to TERMINATE Dr Nor Shahidah as CEO of 9Bio. Then, Datuk Sri Najib, DPM requested ‘Ketua Audit Negara’ to listen to her rubbish explanations. Enough is enough! Sufficient evidence to date and a clear case for all of us to understand. Ask for a documented proof as to how originally approved development project that was budgeted and approved for RM 350 million escalated to RM 1.9 billion.

Why was Dr Nor Shahidah been given special treatment by the ministry? Why all the wrong doings and irregularities covered up by the Controlling Officer, the KSU? Why still protecting Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican? Why not ask Dr Nor Shahidah and Datuk Ir Dr M.S. Pillay, former Deputy DG to officially declare their assets?

Why KSN is still PROTECTING the FOUR? ‘Walk the talk’ (act on your speech!). If not…7000 plus civil servants reading this blog will assume a case of double standard! PLEASE up hold and protect the IMAGE of the civil service and NOT the four!!!

We rest our CASE.

Our Chief I.O already sent an email to KSN for his purview! We are NOT against the Government, Ministry of Health or civil servants. We are PATRIOTS and love the country. If we are in the wrong, we would not have been given the guidance and moral support from so many people.

Our FOCUS purely to ensure public funds protected and expects decent measures put in place in order to AVOID similar case in future.

During an interview with the STAR, KSN said, “Get rid of bad apples. No place for them in Civil Service.”

We pray to GOD, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL and for all to WITNESS! May GOD give you the STRENGTH and COURAGE TO ACT! We doubt our future PM wants to get entangled into trivial cases like this and out of his way to protect insignificant souls that likely to damage his image and name. Politicians will find this sort of people a LIABILITY for their future.

Now, we can understand WHY voters supported the OPPOSITION when genuine appeals and requests for corrective measures for common good IGNORED! Perhaps, we NEED to bring this issue to Parliament for Public Audit Committee (PAC) to study the case. We are all human beings, full of faults and sometime an oversight due to too many meetings. We know!

Signed by,

A Former Civil Servant and Tax Payer.


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