KSU failed his DUTY as ‘Controlling Officer’


A chit chat with a former “KETUA SETIAUSAHA NEGARA” (KSN) during HARI RAYA gathering on Sunday 12/10/2008:

We were told that a case of this nature should not take place in any ministry. This is a clear case of the current Secretary-General (KSU) failed to perform his duty as the appointed controlling officer or “Pegawai Pengawal”. In fact, neither Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican nor Datuk Dr Nor Shahidah bint Khairullah can be found guilty of any charges, unless the KSU files a Polis report to protect himself. He is the man to ensure the administrative matters of his ministry abide to the General Orders and Treasury Rules. He must take full RESPONSIBILITY!

Further, we also discovered that he was in the know of all the wrong doings and irregularities committed by Dr Nor Shahidah by virtue of being the KSU and 9Bio director at that time. Based on that, we concluded that he should be held RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for his decisions and lost of pubic fund. No integrity!

Guilty as charged. We rest our case.


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