Who is the Secretary General (KSU) of MOH?

Why Secretary-General of MOH, Dato’ Sri Dr. Hj Mohd Nasir Bin Mohd Ashraf allows this nonsense to take place in the ministry?

For someone with an excellent profile (refer to: http://www.moh.gov.my/opencms/opencms/moh/KSU.html ), we find it hard to believe he lacks judgment, accountability and integrity.

Perhaps, we NEED to determine why? We hope for the next couple of days someone will be able to provide the answer! So please do not hesitate to contact our Chief I.O. as soon as possible.


6 Responses to “Who is the Secretary General (KSU) of MOH?”

  1. Hah! Dari dulu akan dah kata, tidur semuanya. Kalau KSU bertanggung jawab sudah tentu perkara macam ni tidak boleh berlaku? Hairan betul!

  2. Pensioner Says:

    Bukankah KSU pun pengarah syarikat yang sama?

  3. Apa pasal nak salahkan KSU pulak? Aku tak faham lah?

  4. Big project! What do you expect?

  5. Normally, the secretary-general of the ministry is the most powerful. Surely, lots of thing would require his approval.

  6. malia latiff Says:

    kabar nye, 9bio sign MOU with Ekovest to supply vaccine as well..jadi tak cukup dgn multi-billion enstek facilities contract..ekovest now also supply vaccine to govt via 9bio as well?

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