Where is Dr Nor Shahidah?


Currently, Dr Nor Shahidah is the consultant to Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health (MOH). (…back in MOH for second time!)

Subsequent to her termination as CEO of Nine Bio Sdn Bhd, Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican succeeded to take her back in as an official consultant to Disease Control Division located in Putrajaya. (…nice arrangement to provide her with monthly pocket money to maintain her expensive habits)

Previosly, she was appointed on contract to be given the power to negotiate, privilege of spending with unlimited budget and extensive traveling around the world. (…pretending to do work!)

Legitimate arrangement as long as Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican as DG provides the justification needed to appoint her. (…strange but true! Confirming Abuse of Power!!!)

Guilty as charged! We rest our CASE.


8 Responses to “Where is Dr Nor Shahidah?”

  1. I thought there is stringent screening process before being appointed. But of course, definitely proven DG MOH has go vested.

  2. Eh best nya!!! Kalau sudah ada ‘Sugar Daddy’ enjoy lah dia.

  3. “I can’t live without you….Can’t breathe without you…I dream about you…” Obvious, isn’t it? I don’t know how it works in government but it can be done when DG is d culprit. Abuse of POWER!

  4. Pensioner Says:

    Cukup jelas! Kenapa KSU membenarkannya? Bukan mudah untuk membawa masuk dan memberi pangkat dalam kerajaan. Tak patut!

  5. Apa susahnya, sekarang ni mana-mana tempat pun boleh bawa masuk asalkan ada pihak yg memohon dan memberi alasan-alasan yg munasabah! Tetapi aku setuju, ini bukti yg nyata Ismail Merican telah didapati salah guna kuasa.

  6. Guys! Tan Sri Ismail willing to do anything for Dr Nor Shahidah. Siapa berani soal?

  7. suararakyat Says:

    Apalah yang mamak gila tu nampak kat ‘Money Lady’? Ini satu kes yg terus terang salah guna kuasa.

  8. Orang lelaki memang macam tu! Sanggup apa aje

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