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Has justice been seen to be done in this case?

The silent majority of decent civil servants in Ministry of Health know the TRUTH ! Companies dealing with MOH know the TRUTH ! The ‘Money Making Team’ know the TRUTH ! We know the TRUTH !

We had gathered enough evidence to date and come to the conclusion that ‘POWER CORRUPTS’. As tax payers, we must have a say as to how PUBLIC FUNDS are allocated and spent.

For all to JUDGE !


9 Responses to “JUSTICE !”

  1. Yes! Justice Will Prevail. Seldom I see fellow Malaysians committed and with passion to see justice done. We all know VVIPs get protected by the system in this country. I suggest, let me take up this case. Hopefully, with enough incriminating evidence we can lodge reports to Commercial Crime and ACA. Pls contact me via my personal e-mail. Tq.

  2. There u go man! Put them in JAIL. Perhaps, if Anwar becomes PM, the 1st thing he must look into are cases like this. No place to hide. Hunt them down even after they had retired. Crime is a crime!!

  3. Good thing we have Mr Lawyer willing to pursue this case all the way. Syabas!

  4. Saya setuju dgn cara ini. Sekurang-kurang kita dapat ambil pendekatan yg terbaik. Sebagai kakitangan kerajaan harus ada sikap bertanggung jawab. Kalau dah pencen sekali pun tetap kena hukuman dari kesalahan. Alhamdulillah.

  5. Bagus lah tu. Saya pun setuju dengan tindakan macam ni.

  6. Maybe, the Minister, Y.B. Dato’ Liow can do something about this. My uncle is a close friend of his. I’am sure he would be alarmed to know this sort of thing had taken place in his ministry. Bad for him man!

  7. Mr Executioner Says:

    Guys, I had sent out 10 batches of e-mail, about 250 in all. That should do the job to get our voice heard for now!!!!!

  8. HALLO BRO..Wa geram betul la dengan MAMAK ni..MAKAN DUIT RAKYAT..wa rasa patut bawak isu ni ketengah..kalau lu ada EVIDENCE lu email kat wa.. wa ada kaki kat BPR…ini isu berkaitan dengan duit RAKYAT……..

  9. malia latiff Says:

    pillay is sent to b chairman of ninebio to find any which way to bring back dr norshahidah as ceo..despite all the facts the man is blinded by the instructions given to him..how la like that?

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