The Money Making Team

The Money Making Team
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Documentary evidence in hand !!!

7 Responses to “The Money Making Team”

  1. Information received in the last 24 hours.

    This is ‘The four member team’ that had successfully siphoned millions of public fund. Anything possible in MOH, under the nose of the Minister, as long as they operate as a team.

    Daylight robbery, corruptions, and abuse of power. Truly, white-collar-crime, undetected! A new breed of civil servants. Hard to believe ?

  2. I know that Indian face very well. That is Dato Dr MS Pillay, deputy DG, Mnistry of Health. This guy likes to ask money. Any dealing with him, SURE MONEY one. Will ask my friend to comment?

  3. Check out this wehsite for more info.

  4. Dr Pillay had been getting monhly kickbacks from companies dealing with MOH. I’m fed up with this type of person.

  5. No wondor MOF agreed to allow MOH set up 9Bio and build expensive facilities? Purely, for this people to make money. Government can go bankrupt lke this. ACA should arrest this people and make them declare their assets.

  6. I’ve got few friends with nasty stories and documentary evidence. Anyway of providing uploading and downloading of documents in MS word and pdf ? I will start organizing them ! Pls contact me, tq.

  7. Yes! Big scam !, On the side Dr Nor Shahidah signed an agreement with Ecovest Bhd to supply vaccines. Enjoying kickbacks !!! Read this……

    Malaysia to lead in halal vaccine production

    Director-General of Health, Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said RM1.9 billion had been budgeted for the vaccine production at the National Institute of Natural Products, Vaccines and Biologicals, within two years.

    The Institute is equipped with the necessary facilities and manpower to produce vaccines which are safe, effective and comply with the standards set forth by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Tan Sri Dr Ismail said.

    The institute will also undertake research for vaccines to prevent diseases that mainly affect this part of the region, such as dengue and the Nipah Virus, he added.

    Adapted from “New Straits Times”, 13 June, 2007

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