Sugar Daddy

Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican

Originally uploaded by osman_a57

Rupa2nya sugar daddy ni adalah tak lain tak bukan KETUA PENGARAH, KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN. Padanlah katanya money lady banyak buat duit dan enjoy katak.


2 Responses to “Sugar Daddy”

  1. This mamak guy cannot be trusted. Refer to MalaysiaToday. “Najib and co may indeed have a file on him?” Go to What could that be? Perhaps it could be the 9 Bio Sdn Bhd, a pet project Merican so much campaigned for, for the development of research including vaccines. Perhaps, too, this project swallowed millions and has now been deemed a failure by the Auditor-General and kept under wraps before the ACA finds out. Or could it be because he placed his mistress, a pathologist, to manage it instead of employing professional help. Whatever it is, Merican, needs to dig out of this grave rather quickly and what better way then to please his masters by chorusing that Anwar must answer for his gay ways either medically, by way of the DNA, Quran or a malleable court. Better this then get caught by a resurgent ACA rounding up errant DGs and Directors.

  2. I pun nak kalau ada sugar daddy yg bagi I kereta spot, rumah besar, barang kemas, duit shopping banyak2 dan holiday seberang laut. hooi bestnya.

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