The ‘Law of Attractions’, like attracts like!

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Based on the short article, we should give the full complement to the late YM Sultan Idris for his foresights to initiate and persuade the British in the need for the Malays in the administration of the country. Hence, the setting up of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar was timely as the foundation of our civil service training ground.

Perhaps, we NEED to form a better training institute than INTAN to produce the new breed of civil servants with DISCIPLINE, ACCOUNTABILITY and HIGH INTEGRITY. We must always on the look out for a character like Tan Sri Ismail Merican. Someone who is easily influenced by a woman, tempted by the dark side of power and bad example! As mentioned by the current Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia, Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan when he said “must get rid of bad apples, no place for them in civil service”.

Similarly, a character like Dr Nor Shahidah with scandalous history should not have been allowed to be taken in on contract. A simple screening process with background checking and security clearance would have spotted the bad records and outstanding court case. The need for proper integrity screening before hiring or appointing top public officials must be put in place as corrective measures. Dr Nor Shahidah was protected and given privileges never done before in any ministry thanks to KSU who failed to perform his duty as controlling officer. Procedures must be followed irrespective of ranks or positions especially General Orders and Treasury Rules. Surprisingly, the support from KSU and the cover-up blinded everyone. Furthermore, the former Deputy DG, Datuk Ir. Dr M.S. Pillay with all the bad qualities as a character and given power by DG to formulate the approval process to get the unwanted development project off the ground. The fact is ‘The ‘Law of Attractions, like attracts like’ applies to Tan Sri Ismail Merican and the rest of ‘The Money Making team.’

We the public and taxpayers can only hope that the Chief Secretary will do what is necessary to uphold the image and good name of the civil service by eliminating Tan Sri Ismail Merican and his cronies. Do the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time especially when PUBLIC is watching! Sometimes, we need to be creative at conflict resolution and extend our intuitive sense of timing. Perhaps, applying the ’art-of-persuasion’, Tan Sri Ismail Merican can gracefully retire! If not, let the due process of the law to continue WITHOUT interference and ‘JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL’. But, with him there as DG, ‘justice would not seen to be done.’ Yes, no CHOICE! Tan Sri Ismail Merican has to GO!


FACT! Dr Nor Shahidah leaves trail of scandals

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Breaking News!

Anywhere she was employed there will be trail of money scandals. We had the opportunity to uncover an interesting past.

Outstanding Court case:
Ref. No: R2-12-648-05 at KL High Court of Appeal
Uni Malaya vs Nor Shahidah binti Khairullah.
The case was about….(sorry, it’s a court case)

Polis Report lodged.
Report No.: Damansara/010935/08.
Investigation Officer (I.O.): Nasrina Darus, Commercial Crime.
Report related to cases committed and found guilty by MOF Tribunal.

Fact of the matter, due to her childhood history and hardship, Dr Nor Shahidah transformed to become an opportunist. She will seek every opportunity to make MONEY. Based on that we now wonder what type of a person Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican? He is so fascinated with Dr Nor Shahidah and willing to do anything for her. Anybody with the right mind or even half a mind would realize that she is a LIABILITY. Truly, love is blind.

We also got to know that she drinks alcohol and sometimes got quite drunk and everything will come out her mouth. Yes! All the guys around her normally will be extra nice thinking that they can get her to bed.

We had promised ourselves not to go overboard describing the details of her private life but sufficient to establish her true character. If that is so, what about the other three (3) conspirators? Well, we do not have the privilege to privy information for now except former Deputy Director General and Chairman of 9Bio Datuk Dr Ir. M.S. Pillay. We had covered enough about him in our earlier posting.

The True Story!

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The True Story!

DG: Accused Abuse of POWER.

CEO: Accused of false claims and irregularities.

DDG: Accused of Corruption.

KSU: Accused of Cover-Up.

PM and KSN are RIGHT! Credit where it is due!!!

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During the Finance Ministry’s Hari Raya open house in Putrajaya on Monday 20/10/2008, PM said to Dato’ Sri Najib, “You are lucky to have these people (public officials in MOF) who work very hard and know their job so well.” Yes! We salute!

Further, during an interview with SOO EWE JIN, Deputy Executive Editor of The Star, beginning of the year, the Chief Secretary (KSN) to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan lamented:

KSN said, “…the public is more demanding of the performance of the civil servants but the civil servants themselves have to face challenges like never before.”

“The mindset change which I keep getting asked about all the time is basically this. The “benevolent public official of I know-what’s-good-for-you” attitude does not and will not work in these times anymore. This must and has to be shed and shed fast to a system of listening to the community.” Yes! Listen to our complaints!!!

“It is in the nature of most people to be vocal in their criticism but quiet in their praise.”

It has often been said that the people pay the civil servants and that they are therefore to serve the people civilly as it is their job.

KSN said, “I would turn this rhetoric on its head by saying that with a public service of some 1.2 million public officials, a ratio of 26 Malaysians to each public official, it is the responsibility of all Malaysians to ensure that these national assets are effectively mobilized to sustain progress, peace and prosperity for the nation.”

“Therefore, whilst you may argue we are here to serve, I would add that every Malaysian has a MORAL responsibility of ensuring that our society develops as we would want it to. If continual bashing without the occasional CREDIT where it is due brings out the best in a person, then I would disagree. As with any relationship, it has to be meaningful partnership of consultation, discussion and negotiation.”

“Often, we do not have all the answers as we are serving an ever changing demographic and nation. When needs change, this must be articulated through effective channels by all parties. Critics are great to listen to when you are not the affected party. Critics with a “way out” solution are truly beneficial for everyone.”

We must be accessible. We must be contactable. We must be approachable. That is one of the facets of creating a customer-centric public service. We are aware of many civil servants who diligently attend to public enquiries efficiently even way beyond office hours.”

We certainly AGREE with PM and KSN! Without doubt, 99.9% of public officials are hard working, diligent, helpful and responsible.

However, we must also accept the FACT that there are a few BAD APPLES in civil service as admitted by KSN himself. Nobody in the right mind would want to waste their precious and limited time given by GOD to gossips and ‘fitnah’ someone out of sheer pleasure. (BIG sin you know!)

However, occasionally there are senior public officials escaped the selection screening process and got promoted. For instance, Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican is smart at pretending, good PR, hypocrites and resourceful enough to get close to politicians (initially, Pak Lah and now, Dato’ Sri Najib) for personal agenda. Not on MERITS or PERFORMANCE.

Of course, KSN must not be blamed but with countless complaints and solid evidence, KSN must also take note and investigate! Constructive criticisms with practical solution to remove him out of Ministry of Health (MOH) and let proper investigation by Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA ) and Polis. If NOT, nobody in MOH dare to open their mouth because scared of intimidations and repercussions. He has PROVEN to be very intimidating. No respect for human beings.

It is an open SECRET within few ministries (MOH, MOF & MOSTI even EPU) that Dr Nor Shahidah was elevated in various senior positions and campaigned by Tan Sri Ismail Merican almost everywhere. Isn’t that abuse of POWER? Lots and lots of public fund wasted traveling around the world and money down the drain.

KSN should request from Tan Sri Ambrin bin Buang, our Auditor General for the report on Dr Nor Shahidah and READ! We’ve got a COPY plus other documentary proofs and hard to believe if that is not admissible evidence. Who to blame? Why did that happened? Why KSU allowed and covered up? That is the questions!

The famous Shakespear’s statement: “To Be, or Not To Be: That is the QUESTION”. To act or not to act, that is the challenge for our dear Tan Sri KSN?

KSN must be fair and firm. If found GUILTY, punished. If not, investigate! The Malay proverb: “Kalau tidak ada angin bertiup, pokok tidak akan bergoyang” Literally, if there is no TRUTH, there will be no ‘Tax Payer Rambling’. No NEED! Waste of precious time. We are answering KSN’s calling “…every Malaysian has a MORAL responsibility of ensuring that our society develops as we would want it to.” Yes! We are morally responsible as an independent party (especially as tax payers) “YAQIN” and wish to highlight the wrong doings in MOH by Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican and ‘The Money Making team’. We are telling the TRUTH nothing but the TRUTH. May “Justice will prevail”.

YES! Tan Sri KSN. Critics with a “way out” solution are truly beneficial for everyone.” We salute YOU!

Another KSU failed his DUTY as ‘Controlling Officer’

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NEW CASE: Government to probe Eurocopter RM2.3billion deal

Our Chief I.O swings into action to investigate!

One of the senior officers below must know the TRUTH whether any irregularities or discrepancies in the tender process?

Left to right: KSU, Dato’ Abu Bakar bin Hj Abdullah, TKSU Pengurusan, Dato’ Hj Ismail bin Ibrahim and TKSU Pembangunan, Dato’ Mohamad Khalid Bin Hj Shariff.

Who was the officer that signed the letter of intent to Eurocopter? Yes, our Chief I.O. has done some homework to find the answer! Based on the names, positions and objectives of the various divisions in MOD, we have concluded that the likely person….Read on

Who were the 4 CONSPIRATORS?

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Left to right: Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican (DG), Datuk Ir Dr M.S. Pillay (Deputy DG), Dato’ Sri Dr. Hj Mohd Nasir Bin Mohd Ashraf (KSU), and Dato’ Dr Nor Shahidah Binti Khairullah (former CEO 9Bio)

Believe It or Not! Eligible for The Malaysia Book of Records.

After putting the puzzles together, the picture is clearer NOW!

Hard to believe a highly respected “KSU” conspires with The MONEY MAKING team in a private deal making and successfully blinded EVERYONE including the Prime Minister to siphon public fund.

‘Perplexing Case’ for common people to comprehend but SIMPLE!, because made possible with the SUPPORT from the most TRUSTED individual in the ministry. Indeed, a very rare species in the civil service! Disgrace to the profession and the government. Custodian of public fund got influenced by unscrupulous people greed for money. “Money is the root of all evil.”

Initially, the investigators were puzzled as to HOW the trio able to scheme and succeed and get away with a half baked undeniably most EXPENSIVE Development Project for a mere vaccine production facilities.

Now, let an independent Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) to proceed with a full blown probe into the case without interference. It is up to the highest level in civil service, KSN must at least seek for explanations from the accused four before making a FIRM decision to file a report to relevant agencies. Ask Pak Lah if YOU are not sure? You know and we know his ANSWER! PM had done his fair share of the work when he decided to review the project and to TERMINATE Dr Nor Shahidah as CEO of 9Bio. Then, Datuk Sri Najib, DPM requested ‘Ketua Audit Negara’ to listen to her rubbish explanations. Enough is enough! Sufficient evidence to date and a clear case for all of us to understand. Ask for a documented proof as to how originally approved development project that was budgeted and approved for RM 350 million escalated to RM 1.9 billion.

Why was Dr Nor Shahidah been given special treatment by the ministry? Why all the wrong doings and irregularities covered up by the Controlling Officer, the KSU? Why still protecting Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican? Why not ask Dr Nor Shahidah and Datuk Ir Dr M.S. Pillay, former Deputy DG to officially declare their assets?

Why KSN is still PROTECTING the FOUR? ‘Walk the talk’ (act on your speech!). If not…7000 plus civil servants reading this blog will assume a case of double standard! PLEASE up hold and protect the IMAGE of the civil service and NOT the four!!!

We rest our CASE.

Our Chief I.O already sent an email to KSN for his purview! We are NOT against the Government, Ministry of Health or civil servants. We are PATRIOTS and love the country. If we are in the wrong, we would not have been given the guidance and moral support from so many people.

Our FOCUS purely to ensure public funds protected and expects decent measures put in place in order to AVOID similar case in future.

During an interview with the STAR, KSN said, “Get rid of bad apples. No place for them in Civil Service.”

We pray to GOD, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL and for all to WITNESS! May GOD give you the STRENGTH and COURAGE TO ACT! We doubt our future PM wants to get entangled into trivial cases like this and out of his way to protect insignificant souls that likely to damage his image and name. Politicians will find this sort of people a LIABILITY for their future.

Now, we can understand WHY voters supported the OPPOSITION when genuine appeals and requests for corrective measures for common good IGNORED! Perhaps, we NEED to bring this issue to Parliament for Public Audit Committee (PAC) to study the case. We are all human beings, full of faults and sometime an oversight due to too many meetings. We know!

Signed by,

A Former Civil Servant and Tax Payer.

KSU failed his DUTY as ‘Controlling Officer’

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A chit chat with a former “KETUA SETIAUSAHA NEGARA” (KSN) during HARI RAYA gathering on Sunday 12/10/2008:

We were told that a case of this nature should not take place in any ministry. This is a clear case of the current Secretary-General (KSU) failed to perform his duty as the appointed controlling officer or “Pegawai Pengawal”. In fact, neither Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican nor Datuk Dr Nor Shahidah bint Khairullah can be found guilty of any charges, unless the KSU files a Polis report to protect himself. He is the man to ensure the administrative matters of his ministry abide to the General Orders and Treasury Rules. He must take full RESPONSIBILITY!

Further, we also discovered that he was in the know of all the wrong doings and irregularities committed by Dr Nor Shahidah by virtue of being the KSU and 9Bio director at that time. Based on that, we concluded that he should be held RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for his decisions and lost of pubic fund. No integrity!

Guilty as charged. We rest our case.